The Dominance of Microsoft Office

I’m sitting in first class on an evening flight from Denver to New York.  I’m in row 6 and just got up to go to the bathroom.  As I stood up I had a nice view of the 20 people in front of me.  Eight of them (nine including me) are on their computers.  They are a mix of Dell and IBM laptops.  Every single person is working in a Microsoft Office app – about half are in Outlook, a few in Word, and one in Powerpoint.  No Macs.  No “online thingys” (we’re on an airplane – that online thingy doesn’t really work so good without connectivity.)  Fascinating.  And – yes – it’s United and the bathroom – even in first class – is filthy.

  • That stuff is absolutely dominant on a plane, especially in first class and full of business travelers. I’ve had similar experience (in reverse) in coffee shops.

    Macs seem to me to be used more by people either working alone or in creative jobs. If I was in a big office with lots of people, I’d still be using my IBM (Levono) ThinkPad, which was the best Windows machine I’ve ever had, next to my MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo running Parallels anyway. 😉

  • Pete

    I don’t see how online thingies replace MS Office until there is ubiquitous, cheap, reliable, wireless broadband.


  • Matt Fleckenstein

    Have been sitting in a coffee shop in Pittsburgh for about three hours getting some work done. So far, I’ve seen 12 macs — no PC’s. With that said, though I’ve noticed that at least half of those users were running Microsoft Office on their Mac.