More on Me.dium

The first public stuff about one of my fun new investments has started to emerge.  Me.dium – which is based in Boulder and funded by Spark and Appian – got a few writeups including one in GigaOm (Medium Makes Web Browsing Social) and David Cohen’s Colorado Startups (Me.dium – Social discovery in real time.)  Both do a nice job of introducing the concept, including the challenge of having your Me.dium “aha moment” which – once you have it – you’ll totally get it.  Bijan Sabet – a partner at Spark and new VC blogger – also has a quick post on it.

Me.dium’s still in private beta, but feel free to apply if you are interested in seeing what it’s about.  I’m bfeld in case you want to invite me to your network.

  • by the way, when I said in my post that we have an amazing team at me.dium that was meant to include you too 🙂

    we are thrilled to be working with you on this.

  • brian

    so far after using the program I haven’t run into a single legitimate person…are they all fake users listed or are there really 20,000 people using this program?

  • @brian

    Who you run into in Me.dium depends heavily on when you are online and where you are. However, there are many more than 20,000 people using the system and only 5 or 6 of those people actually work at Me.dium. We have many users that have met and added 200-300 new friends through Me.dium. Try setting your identity to, “visible to all” and it makes it much easier to meet people.

    Of course there will always be Me.dium employees in there as well helping out new users and showing people around, but it’s a big interwebspace out there and lots and lots of people browsing around.

    And, of course, always feel free to add me as a friend if you have any questions: ‘david’

    See you in Me.dium!