It Must Be Monday Morning

As I pried my eyes open with toothpicks this morning due to my fatigue from yesterday’s lousy run, I looked forward to another week.  Monday’s usually bring lots of fun little tidbits since people crank out a long thoughtful blog on Sunday night and the local papers usually run their major tech interest stories Monday morning.  A couple of my friends / investments showed up.

I can’t wait for Halloween.  I have some surprises for my friends that I’m going to see on Tuesday.  Plus – I expect I’ll get to overload on chocolate and not feel guilty.

  • I think you forgot the link to Scott’s rant.

  • Last week, one friend brought over Guitar Hero and another couple brought a Dance Dance Revolution pad. My wife and I have a Taiko Drum game and Karaoke Revolution.

    We each took turns playing all four games, and had a Playstation Olympics: singing, dancing, drumming, and wailing on the guitar!

  • I haven’t been a reader here long enough to recall a ‘dynamics of information’ post. From looking at the interesting concept of Me.dium (or as much as I can glean online anyway) it seems to be more about a transactional application of traffic dynamics. The concept seems to be more about identifying and linking individual traffic patterns than aggregating information to identify traffic volume. Very cool.


  • Glad i saw this post about me.dium — I got a beta invite in my email and deleted it as spam based on the name (like “vi.agra”). Oops. Now I’ve signed up. Love the transparency this brings.