Falling Down and Getting Back Up

There’s nothing quite like taking a major spill an hour into a 90 minute trail run – in the mountains – alone – early in the morning.


At least it matches my shoes and my house.  I was going downhill – pretty fast – when all of a sudden I was falling forward for no discernible reason.  My knee took most of the impact (hence the torn pants and a cut the size of a silver dollar) – quickly followed by my forearms (yup – I’ve had a lot of practice falling when running.)  A 30 second system check later and I was back up on my feet.  I shook it off and continued on my way.

Kind of like the process of creating a company.

  • Brad,

    Dude, you need to stop looking up in the air when you run. 🙂 Things like sidewalk expansion joints, rocks and uneven ground can take you out.

    It’s OK though, because I once literally ran into a street sign because my head was someplace else instead of where it should have been when running.

  • Ouch.

    Do you carry a cell phone (turned off of course) when you do the trail runs? Could come in handy.

    That red knee reminds of the worst crash I’ve had on my motocross bike. I ride hard & fast, and unfortunately my *actual* riding skill has always lagged behind my *imagined* riding skill.

    I was out at the Watkins track (east of Quincy & E470) and was practicing some jumps on the back camelback. Short version: 45mph+, 18 – 22 feet in the air, and I crashed hard. For my 1 second of glory (it was a great jump, just a really poorly executed landing), I tore open my knee (same one, through my padded motocross pants), got a completely raw left shoulder, and a broken right thumb (it bent completley backward and touched the top of my hand.) There was a 2 inch deep gouge in the dirt from my chin guard.

    I remember yelling “Fuck!!” (you would have been proud), gettiing up and riding back to my truck where I dusted off… and rode some more.

  • Kind of like the process of creating a company.

    …usually more blood on the company creation than the running spill.

  • A true test enjoyment, coming back for more pain.