A Marathon Takes One Step At A Time

Congrats to Susan Mernit at Yahoo for completing her first half marathon

I had a long, miserable run on Sunday for about the same length of time (3:15).  I almost bailed at 4 miles – I was tired, my left knee is inflamed and probably a little infected from my fall earlier this week, and I was up in Keystone at 9000 feet.  My friend Paul joined me at mile 10 or so – when Renee and Amy dropped him off, all I could do was shake my head and say “man – this sucks.” 

Sometimes the runs are great, sometimes they aren’t.  But – they all require that you put one foot in front of the other.  Just like (metaphorically) so many other things in life.

  • I’ve gotten plenty of inspiration in my own prep for Chicago’s upcoming marathon by reading Dean Karnazes’ dispatches from his jaw-dropping 50-in-50 quest. The best part? Dean’s really trying hard to make this about everyone who joins him in any race, rather than his own unbelievable effort. I’m finally starting to understand how critical mental stamina is to any high-level acheivement.

    I hope you bounce back from that knee injury soon! It looks like the kind a day or two of rest would really help.

  • Brad, thanks! It was really inspiring–especially when I saw the finish line and starting thinking about Valhalla and the Norse heros(yes, it was florid)…