More on 80-19-1

I woke up to three good posts on the 80–19–1 Rule.

  • Digg that Fat Belly: Robert Young talks about the “Fat Belly” of the Long Tail.
  • The three C’s: Jason Calacanis reminds us that he’s been talking about this for the past few months and calls the 1% the creatives, the 19% the contributors, and the 80% the consumers.
  • Life on The Long Tail – The Power of Groups: Tom Evslin – who started a FeedBurner Network for entrepreneurs called My Way – has an excellent post up about the power of Networks (plus a bonus Excel spreadsheet for those of you out there that want to play with a model.)
  • Dave Jilk

    An interesting example of how NOT to take advantage of 80/19/1 is a site I use called – it’s for hikers/climbers/peakbaggers. Instead of using a wiki-style format, where the content can be continuously improved, the pages are locked by the original creators and other contributors can only add “comment pages” – actually fixing the main page can only be done by the original author (which in my experience they don’t do). Thus for the most part all the pages are owned by the 1%, and there’s nothing much for the 19% (like me) to add to the site.