Do You Want To Paint Like Jackson Pollock?

A friend who wishes to remain anonymous (and – ironically – is a journalist) pointed me at the Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas site.  If you ever wanted to pretend you were Jackson Pollock, this is a great (and inexpensive – no paints and canvas necessary) way to do it.  Awesome.  Don’t forget to click your mouse for different color ink.

  • Brad —

    Knowing you’re an MIT guy — are you aware that all (most) of his paintings turn out to be fractals? So when he talked about trying to catch the rhythm of nature (or something like that) — he was actually doing it — in the same way that trees have similar patterns at tree, branch, and stem levels. I read an article on it a few years ago – can’t remember where – now on a quick google search of jackson pollock and fractals it looks like they are using fractal analysis to actually validate artwork was his.

    Really really cool stuff

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