Dilbert and PowerPoint

JB pointed me at Dilbert’s comic on 8/3/06 that does a perfect job of explaining the problem with most PowerPoint presentations in 10 seconds.

  • Chip

    I have a name for bullet slides…speak notes:) (They should be heard not seen)

    More power to you for promoting the concept of one picture is worth…

  • Complaints about powerpoint slides are always interesting, very compelling. Everybody nods their heads and secretly continues the same practice.

    The alternatives are not that many and not very well articulated. The truth is that in many presentations, 50% of the audience is thinking about the weekend or the strange way in which you comb your hair rather than listen to what you are saying. They always finish up saying “Can you send me a copy of those slides?” If you have funky ways of using presentations, you WILL go back to using Powerpoint, unfortunately.

    I wish the critics of Powerpoint would come up with a good alternative suggestion. I am still waiting!


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