Wimbledon on the Computer

We’re at our house in Homer which doesn’t have a TV (by design).  Amy loves watching tennis and wanted to watch Wimbledon.  Our Tivo at our house in Boulder broke in May and we haven’t bothered to replace it.

The intrepid nerd decided to BitTorrent Wimbledon for his darling bride.  Imagine my shock and horror when I basically couldn’t find any Wimbledon BitTorrents.  There were plenty of TV shows, as well as lots of porn, but no tennis.  I sulked around for a few minutes and then decided to head over to the Wimbledon site to figure out the times / channels to ask Ross to record for me, burn a DVD, and fedex.

Imagine my glee when I found – front and center on the Wimbledon Video page – an all access pass for a mere $12.95 (it’s been reduced to $5.95 now that Wimbledon is over.)  Everything, every match, every court – $12.95.  I was shocked for a second time in an hour when the DRM worked perfectly and the quarter final match Amy wanted to watch started downloading.

Within a span of 30 minutes my world view (and mood) did a 180.  Today, I cancelled my DirecTV subscription and decided not to fix my Tivo.  Plus, Amy is very happy with me.

  • Rob

    For exactly your scenario (except my tivo is still working) i purchased a Slingbox. i do occassionaly want to place shift so i can watch by example the end of the World Cup when I am remote. Over a 400k symetric connection I could watch the end of the world cup Sunday, picture quality wasn’t great, but suffecient. the tivo + slingbox is the best of both worlds, but given your place in home, get the slingbox…

  • Ah – I love it when someone brags about one of our investments as the perfect solution (instead of me.) I love my SlingBox and – as investors – we love the company.

    However – I should have been clearer. My DirecTV receiver – which has my Tivo integrated into it – died. So – I have had no signal at my house. As a result – my SlingBox – which works great – was connected to a deal DirecTV receiver. Oh well.

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