The Matrix Wrecked Everything

About an hour into Superman Returns, Amy leaned over to me and whispered “The Matrix wrecked everything.”  I yawned about 20 times during this two hours and thirty four minutes of this movie – it’s was as boring an “action/adventure” movie as I’ve seen in a while.  We are in movie hell this summer up in Homer – we walked out of Nacho Libre after 20 minutes and stumbled through the disappointing Click.  So far, only Cars has been satisfying.  When is The Matrix IV coming out?

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  • Jessica Schallock

    I wasn’t even planning on seeing Superman (I loved Spiderman and am a comics fan, but Superman was always boring to me). Eric and I saw The Devil Wears Prada yesterday, though, and highly recommend it.

  • Hey Brad,

    I agree with you re: the matrix and my action/adventure expectations of Superman Returns were disappointed. But a friend of mine pointed out that Superman Returns was really a love story. Had I gone in expecting that, perhaps I would have enjoyed it more.

  • What?! The scene where he saved the plane from crashing was fantastic! Even if you hated the movie, it was worth seeing Superman if only to see the the preview for the new Spiderman movie before Superman started. 🙂

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  • True. We are in movie Hell this summer. I recommend that you break the safety glass and rent UnderWorld II: the Evolution. You will either feel deeper in Hell or liberated after the experience. I here that Ultra Violet, in the genre of Aeon Flux, is a must rent. even my kids told me Nacho Libre was Cheez Whiz, so I skipped walking out.

  • The movies have been a bit tough lately. I liked Lady in the Water though. Good story and pretty compelling. Was a little weird that M. Knight played a pretty large role in the film though.

    Also, a couple powerful DVDs you could check out are Paradise Now and Kandahar.

  • Summer movies are just awful anymore. I too slept through Superman and wondered afterward where the heck the $200M went, given that the only star was Kevin Spacey. Almost all that I like these days are small-budget movies. And, god help me, music-based reality TV shows 🙂

  • Karyn German

    I absolutely loved The Devil Wears Prada…seems like a fluffy little chick flick, but I actually was inspired to try the “impossible” on my job. There is a scene in which Miranda asks her assistant to get a manuscript of the next Harry Potter book – totally impossible, but she pulls it off. Yeah, yeah, it is a fairytale, but I have been using this movie as an example of striving to do the “impossible” at Newsgator. And I don’t even wear Prada. :’}

  • this is a fantastic movie, i love it

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