Founders Talking About Failure

My post on talking more about failure resulted in a surprisingly large amount of email and positive feedback.  In addition to plenty of private emails and a few comments, Andrew Fine emailed that he was inspired to write about the recent failure of his company Cryptine Networks.  He’s just put up a post titled Key Lessons From Cryptine Network’s Failure.  While I don’t personally know anything about what happened, Andrew writes a balanced and thoughtful summary of what he thinks went wrong.  Praise to Andrew for being brave enough to write publicly about this in a way that is instructive.

  • Another important piece … thank you. In this case, important primarily because of its candour and objectivity about an issue where reporting is often tainted by the subjectivity that results from people trying to downplay their own role in the failure. I’ve just blogged about this in my own blog, the Adventure of Strategy ( but no trackback link seemed to register so I’m letting you know “manually.” Regards, Rob Millard.

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