Board of Directors: A Little More on “The Chairman” Post

I expect The Chairman post I just put up will be controversial.  If you have a different perspective, or a bad experience with a board that has a chairman, please feel free to weigh in.

Also – I’m still thrashing around a little with Writely and its blog posting feature, so if you got two copies of the post in your feed (one starting with the title “Rob Shurtleff – a”, please ignore that one – the correct post is “Board of Directors: The Chairman.”

And – no – not all of the boards I sit on have a Chairman.

  • Hi Brad,

    I zoned in on your Board of Directors category, as it really interests me. I’m on 3 boards, run a company and like you … am married to an “amazing person”. I really like your blog and particularly like many of your entreprenuer blogs. You’re on my favorites list now!

  • Excellent site and I am really pleased to see you have this “” post.
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    It has taken me literally 2 hours and 42 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor from now on 🙂


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