Travelling for a Startup? Try

Rick Klau – the VP of Business Development at FeedBurnerhas a great endorsement up for  Rick travels constantly (as all all busdev guys should) and Dick Costolo (FeedBurner’s CEO) is cheap (as all startup CEO’s should be.)  Mix chocolate and peanut butter and according to Rick, get a tasty treat at

  • Rob


    As we are fund raising, thus our budget is very tight. We have been uniformly disappointed in Hotwire (likely cause we are shopping at the low end of the scale). Hotwire could never deliver a non-smoking room. Hotwire could never delivire a room with 2 beds. We have sworn off Hotwire and always start the hotel search with Kayak. Competitive prices and so far good non-smoking rooms with no need for someone to sleep on the floor…

  • Don

    If you are going for 4 stars or better you almost always get a good hotel at a great price. 3-3.5 is usually good too although there are some bad 3 star ones, but I wouldn’t take a chance with them on the 1-2.5 stars. Depending on the city you can sometimes guess what hotel the hotwire price relates to by comparing amenities, location and what hotwire says is the normal price with one of expedia/travelocity/orbitz.

  • bill

    try – they invariably have great deals and cover *all* major airlines (expedia leaves out some of the discount airlines). They have a widget that will automatically compare what prices it finds to any of the main search apps – expedia, orbitz, travelocity, etc…

    worth a shot!

    lastly, if you are a subscriber, they recently had an article about cheap travel sites, as well as one about getting really cheap 1st class upgrades.

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