This Is Not Paris

Ah – it’s so nice to be home.


A run to town, lunch at The Rio, a massage, and maybe a movie in the late afternoon.  What could be a better way to spend a Sunday?

  • Brad —

    How have wildfires been there in the foothills? I’m guessing you’ve had some close calls.


  • Yeah – we’ve had some very close calls over the year. The closest was when 10 acres of our land caught on fire and burned to within 250 yards of the house. We never found out who started the fire, but it was clear that it was started by hikers on our property who were smoking and left a cigarette on the ground. Fire is scary.

  • Aaron Bailey

    Now you’ve got me craving a margarita at the Rio. Enjoy your Sunday.

  • Streeter

    I just wonder what happens to your balanced structures when the high winds from Boulder Canyon sweep in (e.g., Chinook winds).

  • Jenny

    “What could be a better way to spend a Sunday?”

    Reflecting on hundreds of millions of people around the world who have no home or live in squalor, before we ostentatiously display pictures of our idyllic homes?

  • ride the B360?

    I’ll be heading out shortly. Look for the slow guy towing the golden retriever.

  • Streeter – the bases are really heavy and they’ve managed to survive the past two years without any issues even in the massive winds the roll down the canyon.

    Jenny – wow – harsh.

  • Mike Abraham

    I’m with Jenny. If you’re gonna blather on about this stuff in an oblivious way, expect someone to call you on it. Congrats for all your success — you’ve earned it or whatever. Now be humble and gracious.

  • Todd

    Wow! Brad is a VC and not a homeless man living in a cardboard box. Well, he’s also a pretty interesting dude who has the courage to speak his mind in a public forum. His blog is both entertaining and honest, but apparently the fact he owns a nice house detracts from his integrity. No wait�it’s the fact he has the gall to show a picture of his nice home ON HIS BLOG that makes him less than gracious and uncaring of those less fortunate. LOL! In the future, I�ll make sure to strip off my Armani suit before someone takes a picture of me during one of my rare nights out�after all it might be posted somewhere public and it so obviously reeks of my insolence�oh shit�I wear designer underwear�have to take them off too�it�s a good thing I have a nice body�wait, can I say that without being seen as too ostentatious�I could fatten up to avoid attention, but then it would be disrespectful of all those who live in squalor and can�t afford to eat a good meal�hmmm�maybe I�ll just live in a bubble and avoid this whole mess�however, the plastic is at least partially a byproduct of oil and that means I�m supporting terrorists and, at a minimum, communist offshore countries who specialize in plastic and rubber goods�it�s a good thing people don�t sweat stupid shit or this world would just get plain old silly, huh�.

  • Jim

    I see a picture of the beautiful Boulder County foothills, which I think is the intent of the photo. A partial picure of a house and some funny futuristic looking objects on the patio just happen to be there. I guess its all about what we choose to see.

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