The Denver Art Museum Expansion

Amy and I have been strong supporters of the expansion to the Denver Art Museum (the Hamilton Building.)  I think Daniel Libeskind has designed an awesome building, Lewis Sharp (the director of the Denver Art Museum) has shown incredible vision and leadership, the team at the Denver Art Museum has done an unbelievable job, and the extended Denver community is in for a real treat when it opens on October 7th.

I’ve been on the technology advisory board with Ron Cooper, the COO at Adelphia.  Bruce Wyman, (DAM’s director of new technologies) and Timothy Standring (DAM’s deputy director) hosted a private tour of the museum for me, Ron, Ron’s wife Beth, and my wife Amy last Friday as a “thank you” for our help and involvement.  While the project has a way to go before it’s finished, what we saw was amazing.

The building is remarkable.  There is an extensive web site talking about all aspects of it – following is my lame attempt at an interesting photo.


We saw a few galleries that had been installed.  The inside of the building is as innovative as the outside.  The exhibit space is tremendous, and the collections are really powerful.


Dinner afterwards at Barolo Grill was superb.  Thanks Bruce and Timothy for a great evening – I’m extremely excited about the coming new addition to the Denver arts and culture scene.

  • Joe Mansfield

    I will be visiting Denver on August 10th Is the museum open that day I saw that the collections are closed??? Are there things to see

  • Brad Feld

    Unfortunately the grand opening isn’t until October 7th. Hopefully you’ll be back.

  • Stacy

    The new Hamiliton Wing of the museum, by most accounts, is an elaborate and expensive failure. Libeskind’s trademark gimmick of angled walls do not lend themselves to display of artwork. Only the naive could get excited by this museum just because it is “different”. That would be like getting excited by a chef’s “different” take on cuisine because he used sawdust and iron filings in his creations. The Hamilton Wing is fast-food architecture pretending to be good design.

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