The Business Center at The Lansing Capital City Airport

I’ve always traveled a lot.  Recently, the travel friction that I experience in airports around the country has felt like it’s at an all time high.  Lines are long, people are angry and impatient, flights are delayed or overbooked, and there’s never a power outlet anywhere to plug my laptop into.

Yesterday was a miserable travel day as I made my way from Washington DC to East Lansing, MI via Chicago.  An hour in the security line at Dulles plus 15 minutes in a people mover guaranteed that I missed my flight, resulting in a reshuffling of the entire afternoon of meetings in Chicago.  I eventually ended up at a Marriott Hotel in East Lansing late last night.

I’m heading home today (yippee) and got to the Lansing Capital City Airport 90 minutes early.  It’s empty, clean, calm, and relaxed.  I had a nice meal at the restaurant upstairs and went wandering around looking for a power outlet.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when I found a real business center outside of Gate 6 (there are only 9 gates at this airport – kind of like the number of highways in Alaska.)

I’m sitting alone in a 2,000 square foot room that’s equipped with pretty much everything you’d ever want – comfy furniture, copying machine, fax machine, printer, lots of internet connections, plenty of telephones, and power outlets everywhere.  After marveling at this for a few minutes, I’ve almost forgotten that I’m actually in an airport.  Oh – and it’s quiet and free.  This definitely tops any Red Carpet Club I’ve been at in the past year.

  • Just curious – but why do you continue to fly commercial when it can negatively influence your business results?
    I guess until something like DayJet materializes, going corporate is still expensive at about $1,000 per flight hour. But sometimes it really makes sense.

  • Nick – I’ve never been able to get my mind around paying $1,000 / flight hour. While the travel friction is high, I work and sleep on the plane easily so I’m pretty productive. Someday the cost of private travel will cross a barrier where that’s what I’ll do – but it’s not at $1,000 / hour. Call it my heritage.

    • James MotownIni

      What were you doing in Lansing btw? That's Motown Initiative turf right there. Lansing airport is small, but they do put some money into that place I must say.

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