NewsGator for Windows Mobile Beta Available

If you have a Windows Mobile device and want to try out NewsGator’s new Windows Mobile feed reader, the beta is now available.  NewsGator has had a mobile edition for phones that support HTML available for a long time (since I invested in NewsGator two years ago), however, in our desire to help people consume feeds anywhere, we’ve been working on a more robust approach to mobile clients.

As you’d expect, the Windows Mobile feed reader synchronizes your data with the NewsGator Online service (and subsequently with all the NewsGator products) so anything that you read on your phone shows up as read in NewsGator Online (and the phone can be configured to display only your unread feeds.)

Early beta feedback has been great – hats off to Kevin Cawley and the NewsGator team for quickly integrating Kevin’s previous company and products,

  • I’ll check it out… though I can see already that they need to supply a standalone cab for those of us without Windows 😉

  • This is great. I’ve been using newsgator since november because I hated reading the same thing at home and at work. The mobile version is nice but it doesn’t have the save to my clippings feature.

  • Hey Brad, thanks for posting on the NewsGator Mobile Beta offerinng� as you mentioned the early feedback has been fantastic! The Windows Mobile community is passionate about their software and devices; there has already been excellent suggestions that will improve and shape the product. It has been a very effective and exciting process getting the community involved in the early stages of product development.

    Michael, a CAB file will be made available tomorrow. Shawn, you can actually clip posts in the existing beta. When looking at the post listing you can clip articles from the Menu soft key or by invoking the Right action on the navigation pad. Also, when looking at the post detail view, you can clip a post from the Menu soft key.

    If you have a Windows Mobile device please take a look at NewsGator Mobile – I would love to hear from Brad�s subscribers. I can be reached at or you can post questions and/or comments at


  • I’m about ready to delete Newsbreak from my Treo – the Beta of NewsGator Mobile is that good. If you had tried the previous version, this is nothing like it. It appears to be a complete rewrite and even the Beta seems ready for production.

    I can confirm that the clipping is working which is a lot better than emailing myself the links like I did before. Now I can clip something on my device and have it available on the web if I want to reference it in one of my own blog posts.

    Great job Kevin!

  • Thanks Terry… yeh, we have worked very hard over the past several weeks to rethink, re-architect, and optimize the several aspects of the application. Greg Reinacker has been instrumental in driving much of this redesign!

    There is still room for improvement and the Windows Mobile community is playing an instrumental role in this evolution. The app is coming along very nicely, and NG Mobile is shaping up to be an excellent addition to the NewsGator product suite!


  • I have been using the reaader for Months now and love it. I can stay occupide for hours regardless of what movie my wants to see. I sat through ‘Pride and Prejudice’ – just my wife, myself, my phone with gator, and some movie that i don’t even want to try to understand.

    Newsgator reader really is a thing of beauty.

  • Love it so far..

    I agree with Michael, though

    A standalone CAB is most definitely needed

  • rock
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