Death and Life

I’m two degrees of separation away from two people that died tragically yesterday.  I’ve been thinking about it on and off all day.  Both were friends of very close friends of mine.  One died in a plane crash – he was in the prime of life, a huge success, and apparently a very happy person.  He was flying his new plane with an instructor – they crashed and both died.  The other was a young mother who was out for a bike ride with her daughter.  A truck lost control and ran her over.  I’m not sure what happened to the daughter.

The cliche “every moment is precious” has rung true for me all day long.  I’m going to go hit the trail and enjoy a run in the mountains and then spend a nice quiet evening at home with Amy and Stephanie Plum.

  • Every moment truly is precious. You never know when your life or the life of someone you love will end or be destroyed. When I got diabetes six years ago at the age of 10, I became painfully aware of that. Diabetes is not life-threatening, but it changed my life forever, and I learned a lot. Good luck on this strange and messy and wonderful business of life, and don’t work too hard.

  • My aunt passed away this evening after a 20 year battle with leukemia. She fought forever so she lived by those rules and was an inspiration

  • In my younger life I read the books of Carlos Castenada describing his adventures with Don Juan, a Mexican brujo (bear with me here). The one enormous takeaway from those books was Don Juan’s maxim to live life as if every act is your last act, because in fact death can come at any time. So basically always consider what you are doing and make sure that should death come to you, your final thoughts and actions are not ones that you consider foolish and regretful. That does not mean you avoid doing things, just do them to the best of your ability, take pleasure and pride in even the mundane.

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