Books: Java Concurrency In Practice

Eric Lunt, FeedBurner’s CTO – has a review up of the book Java Concurrency in Practice.  Eric is an absolute star developer – I’ve known him since the early days of FeedBurner and marvel what he and his team have been able to create.  If you are a Java developer and involved in creating highly scalable web apps, I recommend you take Eric’s advice and grab this book.

  • sigma

    Looked at the book. It seems terribly elementary, even
    trivial, and nothing like powerful enough for serious work or
    anywhere near up to date. E.g., the book seems to emphasize
    ‘thread-safe’ objects: That’s just baby talk, is needed but
    solves only the first trivial problems and quickly is not
    nearly enough.

    I saw no hint of monotone locking protocols, deadlock
    detection, deadlock resolution, or transactional integrity.
    In our work in production multi-processing (over 1000
    processors), multi-threaded (many threads per processor),
    high-performance, real-time, dynamic (object hierarchy fully
    free to change during production execution), active (object
    methods could execute on their own due to messages, timer
    pops, etc.), object-oriented software technology 15 years ago,
    we depended heavily on just these techniques. They have long
    been just crucial and still are.

    Concurrency is a solid subject in computer science, and some
    of the best algorithms there are just crucial to success with
    solid software with high concurrency and multi-processing.

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