Video Copyright and YouTube – I’m So Confused

After listening to I’m The Decider,  I decided I wanted to go find something on the Stephen Colbert 2006 White House Correspondent’s Dinner Roast.  So – I went to, clicked on my Bush tag, and then clicked on the YouTube link I’d tagged.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the following:


Last week there were a series of back and forth posts between Fred Wilson, Jason Calicanas, with comments from Dave McClure and a bunch of others about whether or not YouTube was legit or if they simply stole content.

YouTube’s Copyright Tips page is extensive and does a great job of describing the rules of engagement for copyrighted material.  I have no idea when this appeared – if it’s recent then someone at YouTube appears to be paying attention to this debate.

I then wandered over to Google Video and quickly found the Google Video version of the Colbert 2006 Dinner Roast.  It’s got C-Span info and links, including a link to purchase the White House Correspondents Dinner DVD all over it, so presumably it’s legit.


  • I read here that Google and CSPAN reached an agreement that allowed Google Video to post the Colbert Bush Roast – which was hilarious. I am not one of those that believes Bush is dumb (devoid of charisma, yes) but I did wonder while watching it if Bush actually got that Colbert was making fun of him. Pretty hilarious to watch. -Dan

  • bill

    youtube and other online video presenters got ‘cease and desist’ letters from CSPAN. People started a huge backlash, claiming that CSPAN info is in the public domain which apparently is untrue. CSPAN is a private not-profit company, and signed an exclusive deal with Google Video to present that show. That and making me pay money for ‘commercials’ (music videos on iTunes), such is the state of commercialism on the Internet right now…

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