Users and Usability

I did a quick podcast interview with Outside In Innovation a few weeks ago when I was at MIT at Eric von Hippel’s Innovation Lab seminar.  There are two segments – How VCs View Users and Usability and Innovation Through Acquisition.  I’m not sure it’s appropriate to generalize my comments for all VCs (in fact, I’m sure it’s not), but I thought Jim and Jonathan did a nice job of rapping on these topics.  If you are into the 53,651 meme (or the idea that the first 25,000 users are irrelevant) or you just like to listen to me talk (hi Mom), there is some good stuff in here that pre-dates those posts.

  • Zaid Farooqui

    Sounds very interesting for someone who is greatly into user experience.

    Do you happen to have the MP3 somewhere? It seems like you have an embedded audio on which is not loading in my IE.


  • Brad Feld

    Zaid – sorry – I just have the links to

  • Jonathan Wolfman

    Hi… Jonathan here from Outside In Innovations. Sorry if you are having trouble listening from the Blog. Another way to listen is to subscribe in iTunes.

    The best way to subscribe in iTunes is to do the following:

    1. Click on ADVANCED > SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST in the pull down menus on the top of iTunes

    2. In the window that pops up, paste
    into the URL field.

    That should do it. I think the last show will be downloaded, and you will have to click the GET buttons to hear the other ones.

    I hope this helps!

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