Restaurant Guy Savoy – Legendary Dinner #2 in Paris

A little more than a year ago, Amy and I had a legendary dinner at Le Cinq in the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris. Last night we had another amazing experience – this time at Restaurant Guy Savoy with our long time friends Warren and Ilana Katz.  In fact, last night’s meal was so incredible that I’ve spent most of the day laying around the apartment recovering and keeping myself distracted from feeling full by doing email and phone calls.

We entered our own private food sanctuary and emerged five hours later.  I don’t drink, so a five hour meal can be especially long, but in this case the food was so spectacular that the time passed fluidly.  We had our own room – complete with a very disconcerting sculpture with Madonna “Blond Ambition Tour” breasts that had very little to do with the food.


The dinner (if you include the four dessert courses) was a 16 course meal.  The main segments included:

  • Morilles etuvees
  • Tout petit pois
  • Soupe d’artichaut a la truffe noire, brioche feuilletee aux chamignonset truffes
  • Homard beton etuve aux bouillons et racines
  • Volaille de Bresse confite et laquee

Remarkably, the food just kept coming and coming and coming.  Every plate was beautifully done.  Amy and I are a pain in the ass at meals like this since neither of us drink wine (she’s allergic) and I’m a fishaterian.  The folks at Guy Savoy performed marvelously.  It’s 24 hours later and I’m still not hungry.

  • jvaleski

    I had lunch here a couple of weeks ago while visiting; indeed, phenomenal! The artichoke soup was to die for.

  • i’m jelous. He’s a great chef. And by the way i can give you a slightly better name than “fishtarian”- pescetarian. which means eating fish and vegetables only. j

  • You think this menu is good? Wait until you hear about my extravagant meals in Paris. At youth hostels. Mmm…I can taste the stale bread and corn flakes already!

  • Will

    If you guys have time, you should spend a night at Les Crayer in Reims. The evening there is just so that you can fully appreciate the n-hour meal that you enjoy there at restaurant Gerard Boyer. While I can’t attest for the experience sans alcohol, it was, without a doubt, the best meal I’ve ever had.

    The hotel and the local tours through the Champagne caves are cool too.

  • Bummer I had to cancel my second Euro trip (though it was for a good cause – wink wink), I’d have loved to show you around.
    If you want a great experience, I recommend trying Marc Veyrat’s tasting menu. It is spectacular and that part of France is lovely (See rodrigo’s account here:

    Shame you guys could not try the wine combinations that Guy Savoy offers.

  • Let me know if you still have some time and I’ll take you guys out on Monday or Tuesday evening


  • I always thought it was lacto/ovo/fish-o.

  • Cem Sertoglu

    He’s also got an amazing, relatively new, informal restaurant called Atelier Maitre Albert ( It changed my prejudices about eating chicken out, and what creme caramel should taste like.

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