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Hi, I’m Brad Feld, a managing director at the Foundry Group who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons and read a lot.

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Resilience and the Value of a Great Programmer

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I read two great posts today.

Resilience underlies my desire to run a marathon in every state and I’m always on the quest for finding someone who is a 100x better programmer than everyone else in the room (I’ve been fortunate to work with a few of them over the years.)


  • Rushton McGarr

    Given your interest in marathons and resilience, you might enjoy reading a new book written by my running coach in Austin, Gilbert Tuhabonye: This Voice in My Heart : A Genocide Survivor’s Story of Escape, Faith, and Forgiveness. You can get it on Amazon. He is truly an amazing person with an incredible story.

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