La Vache

There are cows all over Paris (yes – those are spoons on the cow.)


Very cool.  I wonder if I’ll stumble over a purple one.

  • Robert Millard

    Yes and there are similar cows grazing around many other cities including Johannesburg, South Africa. Then they’re auctioned off to support charities.

  • Ben Casnocha

    In Zurich last summer there were blown up teddy bears, just like the cows in Paris. Also for charity.

  • Bob Zoller
  • Raj Bala

    I saw the cows when they were in KC, MO a few years ago. I love that they travel the world.

  • Ryan Hunter

    They are coming to Denver in July….

  • mike

    I think the cows started in Chicago, maybe 8 years ago, as a sort-of midwestern-themed-public-art-thing. They were such a hit with tourism and charity auction, they’ve repeated the project all over the world. I saw them in Tokyo a couple of years ago, where the locals were, not surprisingly, more perplexed than Chicagoans.

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