It Sucks Less

The motto for my first company was “We Suck Less.”  Many years later, with the price of oil at some silly high price, it seems all the more appropriate as a slogan.


Thanks Chris for catching this ad, remembering the story of my first company motto, and for forwarding it on.  I wonder if Gebhardt will send me a check for the free advertising – I can tell them how many clickthroughs they get.

  • Sucking less is a great motto. It’s a nice undersell. I wonder when car companies are going to take a tip from Web 2.0 companies and start launching cars in Beta?

  • Diesel powered engines have long been more efficient and reliable than gasoline ones. My first vehicle was a 1983 Isuzu P’up Diesel (look up rust bucket in the dictionary). It looked like hell but ran like a top. Now with my 2004 Dodge 2500 turbo diesel I get roughly 19 miles / gallon. That’s pretty good considering it’s a 5.9L engine (equivilent to a 360 for the motor heads). The truck also has a GVW of 9,000lbs….so it does pretty good for it’s size and weight. Subaru is supposed to be coming out with a diesel powered boxer engine, supposed to get around 52 miles per gallon and have somewhere around 250hp.

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