Huh, I Wasn’t Paying Attention

Carolyn Curiel wrote an editorial yesterday in the NY Times titled “Let’s I.M. as You Read This.”  A friend sent it to me with the suggestion that Carolyn might have been thinking of my treadputer when she said “Still, something feels missing. I think of the executive who positioned his office computer above a treadmill, so he could walk constantly, keeping fit as he ran a business.”  If only she knew how much more I actually concentrate on my three hour conference calls when I’m on the contraption.

  • There is a definite correlation between exercise and brain power. There was a great article in “Runner’s world” June 2006, about exactly that, how “Exercise improves cognitive functioning in young people, old people, and everyone in between,”- Dan Landers, Ph.D., Regents’ professor of kinesiology at Arizona State University. I like what you are doing. I am about to run my second � marathon on the 11th of next month in Port Angeles, WA. I am very excited. Training or just staying fit is a great help to me in the world of getting things done.

  • I was just reading the MIT Technology Review and there was a blurb (pg 26) about a company GameRunner — same idea, but to walk/run and play video games.

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