Glenn Hubbard for King of the Economic Galaxy

Glenn Hubbard, the Dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, is an absolute riot.  By way of Ezra Roizen, I saw Hubbard’s renovation of Every Breath Bernanke Takes and Dean, Dean Baby!, economic / finance spoofs performed to the tunes of Every Breath You Take and Ice Ice Baby.  Sheer brilliance – the dean of every business school could learn something from this.  Schmalensee, when are you doing a video?

Update: Several people have told me that the person in the video that looks like Glenn Hubbard is not actually Glenn Hubbard.  Having taken a number of economics courses in my life, I’ve simply decided to “assume Glenn Hubbard” which I’m sure is something that Dean Hubbard would understand and be comfortable with.

  • Thanks for tagging this for me…I tagged it myself on 4/29. A few days ahead of you buddy!

  • isb

    I don’t think the guy in the video is Hubbard – it’s some look-alike.

  • Foo

    You realize that’s not actually Glenn Hubbard, right?

  • Matt

    Hey Feld, just FYI, Hubbard didn’t in any way make this video. The MBA students did for their annual “GSB follies” show. He’s a cool guy, and I imagine that he OK’d the sketch, but it was the students who really deserve the credit for conceiving of and executing the great sketch.

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