My New Clock

After all the depressing shit that I read in the New York Times today, I felt compelled to buy a new clock.


These were on sale in the Boulder Bookstore and I couldn’t resist.  However, I’m not so sure about the “… will soon be over” thing.

  • classic ingenuity. At least we can still make fun of him – I hope!

  • Save Money

    Cheaper solution:

    Stop reading the Times.

  • Richard Cunningham

    I wonder what the Bush countdown clock will show on inauguration day of the next president.
    “End of an error”, perhaps?

  • Josh Christie

    I just hope the forthcoming Hillary Clinton nightmare countdown clock will have an emergency band radio built in. 🙂

  • Whether the next president is John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, Mark Warner, or Mitt Romney, rest assured that he or she will have a very different leadership style than George W. Bush.

  • rob

    i just went to and up came a network solutions “under construction” page!!


  • OK – after reading Richard’s comment above, I hear the footfalls of all the people rushing to the fill out their paperwork to trademark “end of an error” – congrats for that one, I got a giggle.

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