MIT Fraternity Robot Hazing

Today must be an Onion day.  I don’t read The Onion anymore – I rely on my vast network of friends to send me relevant stuff.  The other day Matt Blumberg sent me a very disturbing article about Robot Hazing that a Fraternity at MIT was accused of.  As a member of the fraternity that one of the founders and CEO of iRobot lived at, I can assure you that we took robot hazing very seriously whenever we heard about it, frowned down on it, and did everything we could to stand up for the rights of the robots involved.

  • Juan

    I didn’t know that ADP was involved in the robot hazing as well. lol

    Xaipe brother I have not spoken with you in a while. We should talk sometime, seeing that I’m not that great at writing my thoughts out.

    -Juan Quijano ’09

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