Microsoft Search – Good Days and Bad Days

In my Microsoft-only web diet, I’ve been pleasantly enjoying Microsoft Search.  While some of the results are a little wacky (e.g. I was searching for the Microsoft Empower program yesterday and all I got were old links to the Irish and UK Empower pages – which were no longer active), it’s been generally very effective and I didn’t really notice any functional difference from Google.

However, Microsoft Search seems to have been down for the better part of the morning. 


So – I had to break my diet and use Google for the last few hours of searches.  Fortunately, in Firefox, it’s really easy to change the search engine used.

  • Andrew Fife

    Yep, you said it, not much different from Google. Maybe I’m missing something but I think 98% of Google’s value is in its brand and I think brands are weak barriers to entry in the medium to long run.

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