Barry Eisler’s New Blog

Barry Eisler is one of my favorite mental floss writers.  Barry writes thrillers about a bad-ass named John Rain.  Rain is half-Japanese, half American assassin who specializes in making his kills look like natural causes.  Oh – and he’s good with the women.

His books, in order, are Rain Fall, Hard Rain, Rain Storm, Killing Rain, and (in June) The Last Assassin,  Now, Barry has a blog called The Heart of The Matter.  I no longer will have to wait a year to read the next batch of his prose.

  • Gotta love ole’ John Rain!

  • N2

    Who would you have playing John Rain in the movie versions? Not Jet Li and not Chow Yun Fat (spelling?), hopefully.

  • Mike

    Nicholai Hel from Trevanian’s Shibumi might be the original….???

  • Faizal

    I would say Russell Wong from “Romeo Must Die” (2000) movie would be the suitable candidate for the role as he’s got the Pan-Asian look and the martial art expertise to be John Rain.


  • If you like intelligent thrillers there are a group of really great British thriller/adventure writers that are worth checking out. They aren’t very well known in the U.S. but personally they

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