USATF’s America’s Running Routes

I stumbled upon a new program online put together by USA Track & Field (USATF) called America’s Running Routes.  It’s a neat web app that uses Google Maps and a nice user-interface to let runners everywhere build a database of running routes throughout the country.  I don’t know when they launched it, but it already has over 15,000 routes in the United States.

I tried it out by checking for runs in Seattle (where I’ll be for the next few days.)  Seattle had 203 routes.  I’ll actually be in Redmond, which had 18 routes ranging from 2.69 miles to 21.79 miles.  Map creation is simple – it’d be super neat if it integrated with my Garmin 301.

  • Rachel

    First off, great blog! I read it daily and have found many valuable entries. I am training for a marathon as well and will definitely check out this site. Out of curiousity, which marathon are you running this year?

  • I ran Miami in January and am running Boston in April. I’ll do at least one more in the fall – I don’t know which one yet.

  • I second Rachel’s comments re: your blog. Best of luck in reaching your goal (running a marathon in every state by the time you turn 50). A great adventure, and feat, it will be…looking forward to following your progress. (btw, the Treadputer rocks!)

    Thanks for the ARR link – I’ve been looking for a mashup of US running routes. Have you seen Nike’s Run London?

  • Sam

    great site for runners, I hope it catches on and attracts reviews.

    For a good early fall marathon, try Lewis & Clark:
    Plus you probably haven’t run 26.2 in Missouri yet…

    I’m in the middle of an excellent book that might appeal to you:

  • Andrew

    Brad — USATF doesn’t have a ton of useful routes, in my experience, at least in the NY metro area; the best model for a running website is one I recently found,


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