The Last Day of the Quarter

It’s the last day of the quarter and eerily quiet in my office.  I’ve received very feel emails (and no phone calls) from CEOs of the companies I work with.  Since I talked with a number of them yesterday, I know this means that they are busting their butts to drag the last few deals of the quarter across the goal line before this Friday ends.  Good.

  • Stu

    Keep in mind it is 72F in Chicago and 62F in New York, things are awfully quite around here even though it is EoQ

  • Can be good, can be bad. I’ve seen an awful lot of the bad lately.

    Companies push to get every deal at the end of their quarter just to meet their forecast or budget. In turn, then end up giving crazy discounts in some cases, which means less margin in the long run. In some cases, way less revenue and way less of a margin.

    It’s only a good thing when they’re good budgeters and good forecasters (which I’m sure all of your deals have). 😉

  • Ah – if only everyone was a good budgeter and a good forecaster. Since all my companies are private, I never push them to do unnatural things at the end of a quarter on the discount front. The technology industry has just done such a number on conditioning clients to buy at the end of the quarter that it has become a natural part of the cycle of life as a tech company.

  • We finished up well in the green in bookings and exceeded plan in bids sent. The lesson learned this quarter was to get master agreements in place quicker, because we had a few deals that were done but we couldn’t get the final contract signed. I’m still happy with where the sales team ended up though and we’ve got a great start on Q2.

  • On the last day of the quarter, there was probably nothing you could do. I bet the phone started ringing on Saturday, tho.

    BTW – where public companies perform unnatural acts at quarter end, I thought you private guys could take a longer (less quarter-end-centric) view. Or am I missing something? Are we all slaves to the neo-Pavolovian conditioning of purchasing trolls?

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