Technology Companies Are Bought Not Sold

Following is an email I sent to Seth mid-afternoon.

I’ve heard this three times today.  It’s got to be the current cliche.  Gross.

I was referring to the phrase “technology companies are bought not sold.”  This unquestionably belongs on Fred Wilson’s VC Cliche of the Week post.  While Fred didn’t have a cliche post on it, he did have a post in early 2004 that linked to Ed Sim talking about it.

Now – there’s nothing wrong with the statement – it’s very relevant and often true.  However, it’s starting to feel like an “honestly, to tell you the truth” type thing (whenever someone says this I immediately become suspicious.)  When someone is trying to make a point, the tired old cliche that is being thrown around like a worn out tennis ball that my dogs have been chewing on doesn’t really do it for me.

Ah – snarkiness off.  Time for bed.

  • i’m suspicious about “honestly” as well and always point it out: “aren’t you always telling me the truth?”

  • Re: “honestly”

    I spent a year as a tour manager for a rock band. The lead singer probably averaged 2 or 3 interviews a day during that time, most of which I was present for. I always knew that, when his answer to a question started with “honestly,” it was going to be a fabrication.

    To tell you the truth, I had no idea it was so common!

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