HiveLive – Well – That Was Fast

The 100 HiveLive invitations that I wrote about yesterday are gone.  Hopefully some of you will post some comments about what you like and don’t like.

  • Andrew

    Yes, I’m curious what it’t all about – can someone post some high-level details please?

  • Tom

    Can someone please post some details about it? Thanks!

  • HiveLive seems like an interesting personal content management site with social tendencies. Personally, I like the power-user feel with the different levels of access (private, group, public). The UI is nice an snappy if not a bit convoluted. My main recommendations would be to make it easier to “pipe” data in. I don’t really want yet another place to input data. What I do want is a sweet aggregator for all of my existing data from domain specific services (, flickr, musicmobs).

    It starts to fall into DLA (digital lifestyle aggregator) territory, but it would be awesome if I could just specify various RSS feeds and have the entries all routed through HiveLive. Then I would have a powerful centralized location for all of my data and wouldn’t mind attempting to build out a social network on the service, so my friends could check out my aggregated net “presence”.

    Anyway, it’s a good start and the overall execution suggests that it can get a lot better.

  • Brad,

    Would love to give you some feedback, but never received my email after signing up. Tried it with two email addresses and neither came through (not in spam filter either).


  • Brad (Nickel),

    I tried sending you your activation code manually, but apparently my message and seemingly several messages from the HiveLive domain are not getting through to you. I’ll try to send with an alternate email address.



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