Greenland Gremlins

Amy gave me my March 1 gift today.  We try to go out to dinner on the first day of the month and celebrate life (hence – “life dinner”) and often exchange gifts.  The gifts I’ve received over the years range from the farcical (e.g. a remote control fart machine) to magnificent (e.g. beautiful pieces of art.)

I won big with my gift today.  Whenever we visit New York, we usually swing by Alaska on Madison and pick up some pieces for our Alaskan / Canadian Inuit and Yupik art collection.  When we were in New York in November for the New York Marathon, Amy bought a bunch of stuff which she recently got around to unpacking.  My gift – four extraordinary “Greenland Gremlins” – were sitting on my desk this morning.


Following is a closeup.


These are totems – made out of walrus ivory – that ward off bad things.  Notice the giant teeth – having a dental emergency in arctic Greenland is a real bummer.  My understanding is that since my totems have big teeth, my voodoo is powerful.  Amy told me these gremlins will protect me and my computers.  Guess I don’t need anti-spyware anymore.

  • The gremlins are nice and everything, but what I like is that beautiful setup behind the gremlins. 😛

  • Lee

    Nice computer setup, perhaps you could do a post on the specs??


  • Chip

    Beautiful desk and monitor setup. But it heartens me to see that you have the same cable clutter behind your desk that I do. If you figure out a way to solve it, I would be most intested in learning how you did it.


    Also I think a dated the 2nd gremlin from the left in college 🙂

  • Who cares about the gremlins, look at those monitors! Passing on the fact that they seem to hide a nice view too.

  • Len VT

    I like the gremlins but I gotta say I have some monitor envy! How is the 3 monitor setup working for you?

  • Michael Schoeffler

    Thought the carvings were beautiful (if a little reminiscent of Monsters, Inc.). Then I noticed the ultimate Getting Things Done work area in the near foreground and smiled. But by the time I peered out the window in your pic, I could only glance wanly at the maple shielding me from the parking lot.

    Been enjoying your blog for the past few months, but now I’m just green with envy. More grueling marathons, less pictures of Colorado, please.

  • They’re cool and yet somehow vaguely pornographic.

    I’m talking about the monitors, of course. 😉

  • I’m sending virus… let me know if they work.

  • anonymous coward

    “Walnut Ivory”? Walrus Ivory?

  • C

    cool gremlins. but – my guess is that perhaps “walNUT ivory” was supposed to read *walrus* ivory?

  • Oops – walrus walrus walrus. Fixed.

  • Dmitry

    WHAAAAT? is that back drop? OH! monitors, yes. Love to know about your IT set-up. And also love your blog…read it all the time.

  • This is my desk in my home office. The three monitor setup works great – I was a long time “two monitor” guy and one day decided to try three. Having them portrait is perfect – it’s too wide (and squat) if they are horizontal. I also like the ability to angle the outer two monitors – having one contiguous flat screen that is this wide is actually hard to deal with.

    The view out the window is “my yard.”

    And yes – I hate paper.

  • michael yosowitz

    are those apple cinema displays? 23″? Just curious.

  • For information, the local name for a “Greenland Gremlin” is Tupilak (alternate spelling: Tupilaq).

  • The monitors are standard issue NEC Multisync LCD 1980SX in portrait mode. I’ve got three video cards in the PC and am running Windows XP Pro.

  • Craig

    I like the “Life Dinner” idea. May have to incorporate that into my schedule. Followed by the third Tuesday of the month “Life Cocktails”.

  • I thought I was cool with my one Dell 24″ monitor.

    My jaw dropped when I saw how cool your monitors are.

    Definite envy going on!

  • Those gremlins are incredible!

  • This might be a weird question, but I have a somewhat similar monitor setup and i ended moving away from the vertical route because it made Cleartype anti-aliasing look awful, since Cleartype is predicated on the increased horizontal subpixel resolution, it looks pretty bad when you rotate the monitor. Did you find a way around this or does it not bother you?

  • I haven’t noticed an issue. I use the PivotPro drivers and they seem to work fine, although I don’t see very well anyway so the Cleartype anti-aliasing might look crappy and I just don’t notice.


    I’ll comment on your desk setup not the gremlins.

    Looking at your keyboard angle makes my wrists hurt.

    You might try using the keyboard flat, without the little legs to prop it up. It is much easier on the wrists. It took me less than an hour to get used to it.

  • kathy

    its ugly you know

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