Emilio Lobato – Vestido en Soledad

Amy and I give each other gifts on the first day of the month.  My all time personal favorite gift that Amy gave me was a Remote Control Fart Machine.  This month, I’m giving her a painting from Emilio Lobato, one of our favorite artists, which I just picked up from the William Havu Gallery in Denver.


This 60” x 60” beaut is titled Vestido en Soledad which – according to Google Translate Spanish to English – means “Dress in Solitude.”  If you’ve ever been to my office or my house, you’ll see plenty of Lobato’s hanging around.  Of course, one of my favorite things about his paintings is that he makes me think of Emilio Lizardo from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai.  Happy April 1st Amy.

  • Matt

    Love the painting. Google was close, the literal translation would be past tense… “Dressed in Solitude”

  • Gonzalo

    Great painting!!!

    Matt and Google translate are both right, “vestido” is both the noun “dress” and also the past tense of the verb “to dress”.

    Cheers from Argentina.

  • And was this supposed to be a surprise or are we to gather that Amy never reads your blog 🙂
    (or is this just an early April Fool’s joke!)

  • Gonzalo,
    “dress” is right, but it’s the participle (not past tense)

    thanks for sharing the painting with us.

    Greetings from London,

  • brad,
    since you like this style of art, I can’t help but point you to my wife’s art at http://www.janemaxwell.com. I don’t think we have ever discussed her work.

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