Need An Escape From Work?

Lon Sunshine (a frat brother) sent a group of us a way to waste our entire day.  I’ve decided to share it with you.  I gave it two minutes and managed to go 12.547 seconds.  I’ve got to go pack now – I leave for the airport in 10 minutes

  • Perhaps I’m missing the point here, but within about 5 minutes of play, I can consistently do 20 seconds — each time.

    Signals of a misspent youth, I guess.

  • Alex

    Gave it a goo too. The pattern was clear after the 3rd attempt (28 seconds).

  • dude – you suck. this is a much too fun distraction!

  • Jason

    The point is employee Internet abuse is costing businesses massive amounts of money. Fortunately, these games keep my business busy.

  • 18.55 seconds and one cerebral embolism later, I am thoroughly amused.

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