Free Sun Niagra (Sun Fire T2000) Server

So – Jonathan Schwartz – Sun’s President – blogged about Sun’s offer to let people try a Niagra server free for 60 days.  According to Jonathan:

The program started off slowly – partly due to internal disbelief (there’s a long story, there), but secondarily, our focus group feedback suggested no one believed we’d actually send them a free Niagara. So let me reiterate: go to, fill out the form, we’ll send you the fastest server on earth, absolutely free. If you don’t like it, we’ll send someone to pick it up.

We were also serious about the following: if you write a blog that fairly assesses the machine’s performance (positively or negatively), send us a pointer, we’re likely to let you keep the machine. (And before you ask, the marketing team makes the decision about what qualifies for the promotion, not I – although I know they love drama, charts, and compelling competitive analyses.)

Not surprisingly, I asked Ross (my IT guy) to get one and give it a good workout.  Look for a review here in a month or so.

  • Dave Jilk

    It doesn’t surprise me that they had trouble giving things away. The (perceived) cost for most IT departments just to DEAL with something new is so high, that giving them stuff is almost as hard as selling the stuff.

    Second, the fact that it’s only free for 60 days means that it’s inherently a temporary thing, unless you actually plan on buying it – in which case the free trial doesn’t really help. I would think the only people who would be interested would be those where a Niagara would be a straightforward upgrade.

  • If You Want to Win, Give It Away

    Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystem’s chief geek, is a guy with a ponytail (scoring extra points on the Long Blonde Tail-o-meter right there) who knows a thing or two about marketing. During Mashup Camp’s closing ceremonies, he gave away a brand-spanking

  • Esley Gustafson

    Great blog Brad, I�ve been a frequent reader for over a year.

    I look forward to reading Ross�s review. I hear T1 screams. I�ve been getting a lot of questions about these servers lately, due to Oracle�s new pricing metrics on the T1000 and T2000. Oracle is giving a 50% discount on its database and middleware products when you put them on a T1 series. The multi-core chips are flipping Oracle�s processor based pricing models on its head.

  • Tobias Speckbacher

    Actually, the discount is quite a bit higher.
    On T1 processors each core counts as 0.25 cpu’s.
    For an 8 core chip you only need 2 cpu licenses.

    The 50% discount is on AMD and Intel multi core chips (0.5 cpu’s per core).

    All other multi core chips are counted as 0.75 cpu’s per core.

    Without having reviewed the T1 architecitre in detail, the economies of this deal may actually outweigh the technical concerns associated with multi-core cpu’s for IO heavy applications, databases in particular.

  • Sun T1000 approved

    Unless you missed the hubbub, Sun are offering the T1000/T2000 on ‘Try and Buy’, and I’m sure there’s has been a recent spurt because of Jonathan Schwartz’s suggestion that receivers that provide good reviews might be allowed to keep them.
    Now I’m no str

  • Hi Brad.
    I’ve created a forum to try and help potential reviewers of the SunFire
    It’s called:

    Sun Fire Fanatics.

    Hopefully your Techie and others will find it useful.

  • Tom Bola

    But the small print that you won’t find neither on Oracle or Sun web site is that if you want to install an Oracle database on a 8 cores T2000, you have to go with the Enterprise Edition database product, even if the licensing is for 2 CPUs, with starting prices superior to 80K$ (much more than twice the hardware price)! For Oracle sales, 1 CPU equals 1 core when you select products, and Oracle Standard Edition database is limited to 4 CPUs! Bad luck!!!

    That’s another reason why Sun will have problems selling this familly of servers, even if that’s “the best platform to run Oracle” in Sun’s marketing parlance…

  • Thanks to this entry my server arrived today. You can read about my how it goes at my blog A Common Prgrammer. Thanks for the heads up.

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