Calling All Runners

I’m working on a project and am looking for the following web sites / blogs.

  1. Web sites for runners to track their workouts
  2. Web sites / blogs with information for runners
  3. Great running blogs

I historically haven’t asked for much on this blog so this will be an interesting experiment.  If you know of any blogs / web sites that fit what I’m looking for can you post a comment with the relevant URLs?  Self promotion is encouraged, as well as passing these questions on to any runners that you know.

  • Here are a few online workout logs, none of which I use personally, but which I’ve either looked at or know of people using them (I keep mine in Excel):

  • This is one run by our company. Email me if you want to jump aboard. Very VERY simple… but we’ll be adding features over time.

    I also like, (if you can get around Flash).
    It has some good charts and features

    Personally, I use the Polar Precision Performance software and also analyze via a spreadsheet – which I can email to you if you’d like – it’s pretty simple though.

    Last of all, I keep weekly notes on my blog about training issues, thoughts and other stuff. Sometimes I even read it.



  • TrailRunnerX doesn’t exactly fit into any of your 3 categories but it’s a fairly cool tool for tracking runs (based on GPS data) and suggesting new runs that you can load directions from onto an iPod.

  • Check out BIMactive from Bones in Motion – uses GPS on a cellphone to track your workouts. Very cool.

  • My blog is located at I am posting during my training for the Boston marathon this April.

    I use the training log at to log my runs and use to measure and save routes.

  • This one is for #3

    Meet Julie Berg!
    She is an incredible ultra marathon runner with a terrific outlook on her training and life.

  • Running blogs baby….630 of them. Amazing the things I stumble on when doing research for Triggit. Great fun!

    Hopefully one or two will suit your fancy. Haven't made it through nearly all of them, and some are no longer up to date, but I few have made my blogroll and I explore a few new ones every day.

  • Marc

    one of the many companies mixing outdoor sports and technology:

    (very relevant as far as I’m concerned)

  • This site is great for planning runs when I travel and for answering one of my favorite questions…How far did I just run?

  • I’m not a big online training log person. I currently use Excel and this donationware app call SportsTracks:

    If you have a GPS device, you can upload the data and map it just like online services such as MotionBased and BiMactive.

    If you are looking for running related blogs, then check out:

    It was started by Alison Wade, who formerly worked for the New York Roadrunners Club’s various websites.

  • druce

    author of one of the running bibles, Bob Glover having written another one (but doesn’t have a site AFAIK. If had, he would have shouted it out on those NYRRC marathon training boot camps in Central Park LOL)

  • Brad,

    You haven’t stated what your objectives are, so I’m going to make some assumptions around improved performance and offer up CrossFit. It’s an easy prescription since CrossFit is going to improve athletic performance in any realm for all but the most elite of domain specific specialists:

    Universal general physical preparedness. Run faster at any distance with fewer injuries by running less (usually a lot less) and cross training varied functional physical movements with high relative intensity.

    “What is Fitness?” is a good place to start:

    Skepticism is warranted since much of the program is contrary to accepted dogma for endurance athletes. The empirical evidence, however, is overwhelming and the science rock solid. CrossFit is run along open source lines and is an ongoing public experiment in quantifiable fitness. You are encouraged to run your own experiments and share your results.

  • Have you checked out the TopTenSources sites for runners?

  • Running blogs baby….630 of them. Amazing the things I stumble on when doing research for Triggit. Great fun!

    Hopefully one or two will suit your fancy. Haven’t made it through nearly all of them, and some are no longer up to date, but I few have made my blogroll and I explore a few new ones every day.

  • PeerTrainer is a very cool social networking model for fitness. While not running-focused exclusively, I expect that some of their thousands of peer groups focus on runners. Or create your own.

  • Here is a link to a friends blog. He has an interesting theory for creating a handicap system for running.

  • Brad…

    New Balance Blog

  • Dave Famolari

    More of a geek angle. I particularly like the art project to capture GPS running traces overlaid on satellite images of cities.

  • Brad,

    Check out We are also based out of Boulder, Colorado. is a useful site for people looking for places to run, races, groups or training partners.

    Another site to watch out for it The site is not yet live, but will promise to be like nothing you have ever seen. Unlike, it will be geared to all outdoor athletes. Think meets meets with a twist …

    We are currently finishing development on and will enter a beta testing phase very soon. Hopefully we will be live in April as we are one of the sponsors for the Boulder Adventure Film Festival.

  • Colorado links:
    – Front Range Triatholons –

    – Bolder Boulder Training Club is cool:

  • jon

    Brad, BiM Active ONLINE ( is a free map-centric journal where you can build a route using gmaps, upload Garmin, Timex and other GPS data, blog your activities and publish your routes for review by the BiM Active community.

    BiM Active MOBILE ($9.99 monthly subscription) turns a GPS-enabled mobile phone into an outdoor activity recorder that saves speed, distance, calories burned and route with a single click to the ONLINE service.

  • mfleckenstein

    Great message board. Posters include everybody from Novices to Olympians.

  • Jay

    Good combination site: plot your runs (Google maps) to find distances; save your runs; view runs & run descriptions of other users.

  • DLee

    As mentioned by others, MotionBased is an exceptional site. I use a datablogging tool created by Joe Reger.

  • From email:

    Currently I

  • Jackson

    Check out this site!
    I create the running route there in minute. It has also pretty cool search local partners function. Another winner!