Was It Worse Than A Colonoscopy?

One of my favorite entrepreneurial lines is “man – that was worse than going to the proctologist.”  It you need to understand this concept more graphically, my good friend Renee Berberian has a solid explanation.

  • I’ve been following your blog for several months and I have enjoyed your VC perspective as well as the marathoning anecdotes. This entry sparked a random neuron in the running category.

    In our running group, nobody is addressed by their given name. Although I know most of my 5:30 am pavement compatriot’s “real” names, some I know only by their nomme de coursapied. One in particular stands out. “Bugs” was known as a marathoner par excellence, his PR of 2:20 places hime in the higher echelons of amateur runners who hold a day job.

    His appelation of “Bugs” derived from our commonly held perception that he had not a skeletal system but an exoskeleton which he must have shed periodically. We came to this conclusion from his seeming complete insensitivity to pain.

    Back to this post. Since Bugs ran 12 miles to work, 6 miles at lunch, and then 12 miles home, he kept up a pretty good weekly mileage. One day, his lunchtime running buddy and his coworker, Bowtch, noticed Bugs morning absence. Querying Bugs, he asked him where he had been that morning. Bugs reply: “Colonoscopy”

  • I thought this was related to a VC due diligence of some sort, and must say that I did not expect anything that… litteral. Poor Renee.

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