The Trough of Disillusionment

Seth Levine has a great post up about the dynamics of exit value in a startup.  If you wonder why there are so many relatively quick deals for startups under $50 million but it takes a relatively long time for a deal to reach the point where it can command an exit value of $200 million plus, get a cup of coffee and settle in for a good read.

  • Thanks for the link Brad.
    Those early sub-$50m acquisitions are pretty speculative, of course, and it often surprises me that people manage to get acquired for such significant amounts of money before actually proving their businesses (as opposed to the technology).

    I found it interesting that Seth focused on the STARTUP’s changes in attitude rather than the investors’ or acquirers’ attitudes. The way I read that article, he’s almost suggesting that it’s a psychological phenomenon on the part of the startups!

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