The 24 Drinking Game

Ah – 24 Season 5 starts on Sunday.  To celebrate (and warm up), we are planning having a 24 party starting Friday night.  We’ll toss the first disk from Season 1 in at 6pm and go until we crash and then start up the next morning at 8am and try to finish things off before the Broncos game starts.  Fortunately, my brother Daniel found a drinking game for 24 – at least we’ll have some assistance.

  • Nice! I’m midway thru season 4 right now and would be pretty loopy at this point were I playing the drinking game:

    – Teri mentioned to girl friend when jack not sure if ready to commit
    – Jack kills countless turkish terrorist commandos
    – Chloe defies orders to help Jack
    – Alpha nerd defies orders to help Chloe
    – Jack holding up the convenience store in order to stall for time while satellite is clandestinely moved has to be good for a couple of drinks!
    – Tony Almeda shows up to help Jack
    – Tony kills several people (not a CTU employee anymore but what the hell…)
    – Marine unit doesn’t show up in time to rescue the defense secretary

    I can’t wait!!!

  • Brad,

    My girlfriend Heather and I share your fanatical love of 24!

    We just cannot get enough of that damn show.

    If it was literally on 24 hours a day, we’d never get anything done.

    Thanks for the drinking game.


  • Damn it! Season 5 doesn’t start in the UK until February! And it probably won’t switch to a high-definition broadcast before April. Damn it!

    Please no spoilers on your blog!!!

  • Stuart A

    Actually Simon season 5 has already been on sky one. it’s season six that starts sometime in January.

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