Stale Blogs

Jeff Jarvis took some shots (well deserved) at VC bloggers and Ben Casnocha followed up with his own commentary.  It motivated me to clean up my blogroll (sorry – no top 10 blogger list today) and dump bloggers that hadn’t posted anything in at least a month.  Kind of like “ring out the old, ring in the new.”

  • Some of the best posts come from people who post infrequently–sometimes VERY infrequently. Adam Bosworth and Charles Fitzgerald come to mind. One of the beauties of the subscribe model is that it allows me to monitor infrequently or irregularly updated sources.


  • Yup – that is definitely one of the beautiful things about RSS. I still subscribe to all the blogs that I remover from my blogroll on my site. I should have been clearer – I took them off my “sidebar” of “Blogs I Read”, not my actual subscribe list.

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