Performance Anxiety

Thomas Frey from the Davinci Institute sent me a link to a public toilet in Houston that is guaranteed to create at least a little bit of performance anxiety.  In my quest for experiencing the magnificent bathrooms of the world, I’ll definitely be checking it out the next time I’m in Houston, which hopefully will be never.

  • Bill

    Dunno if there is actually one of these in Houston or not, but there are at least two in the world – one in Switzerland, and one in London. The pics are reportedly of the one in Switzerland. The loo was done by Monica Bonvicini.

  • Dan Shapiro

    Here’s the Snopes urban legends page on the toilet:

  • Brad Feld

    Ah – well – I guess I’ll have to go to the Monica Bonvicini’s studio to see this one (or possibly Switzerland or London if they have another exhibit.) Fortunately, I won’t have to go to Houston, unless of course they are having a traveling exhibit of Bonvicini’s work.

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