New Media Summit – Tonight in Boulder

If you happen to be in Boulder tonight, Metzger Associates is putting on a “New Media Summit” tonight at The City Club (885 Arapahoe) from 4pm to 7pm.  It’ll be a panel – moderated by Matt Branaugh (the Boulder Daily Camera Business Editor) and features:

  • Me
  • Doyle Albee: Metzger Associates New Media practice director
  • Howard Kaushansky: founder of Umbria, a company setting new standards for monitoring online consumer intelligence
  • Joe Pezzillo: founder of one of the nation’s first Internet radio stations, and former creative director of Apple’s Electronic Media Lab.

There are still a few seats left – it’s a limited group so if you are around and interested, contact Julie Ludwig at Metzger by email or call her at 303 786 7000 to RSVP.  The cost is $25 and you’ll end up being well fed (and probably entertained.)

  • Hey Brad,

    Thanks for taking the time participate in the summit. There were some good points brought up, and it was well worth the time. But I have one question. Where were the developers? There were several pain points discussed this evening that are prime for innovative software solutions! This validated some of my most recent endeavors around syndication, filtering, and social networks, but left me yearning for other technology enablers to collaborate with. We need a Geek Dinner in Boulder!

    Well, on 2nd thought I did talk to one other developer, but he was living in London and was in town by chance, so that doesn�t count.

    Thanks again!


  • Hey, where did you guys advertise this? I only just found out about this today. Darn, I would have liked to attend, it’s right up my alley. Will you be doing this again?

    Will you be publishing a summary, notes or perhaps (given that Joe Pezillo was there) even a podcast? That would be great!

    Please put me on the announcement list for the next one, and I’d be happy to be a speaker too, if you’re looking for any.


    – Amy Gahran

  • I believe the plan is to podcast this. I’ll make sure I post on it if / when the podcast appears.

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