I’ve Got A New Computer

I decided today was a retro day at the office and decided to see if some of my old computers still worked.  My dad cleaned out his attic last week and sent me all of my old computers.


My Compaq Plus – which hadn’t been booted up since 1988 – started up immediately.  While it had PFS Write and WordPerfect on it, there was no TCP/IP stack or Ethernet card.  So – I downshifted to my old Apple II.


Remarkably – it also booted up immediately.  I don’t think it had been turned on since 1984.  After staring at my old Silentype thermal printer for a few seconds, I decided to go back to work.

  • Rockwell

    Those pictures gave me the urge to play some Wizardry. NERD ALERT! 🙂

  • Ian D

    I had programmed on an Apple IIe and IIg computers – developed educational software. Programs were written in Basic. I also used it with PFS write and VisiCalc spreadsheet programs. The firm then moved onto the Lisa and then eliminated Apples from the office with the IBM PC.

    Probably a collectible today – what’s it worth?

  • robbie schmelzer

    I so miss my Commodore 64, I miss my 2XL for that matter. Remember the big rubber phone cradles? Ah the good old days when being a nerd was not cool.

  • William Volk

    I wrote my first published game on the Apple II. Conflict 2500 for Avalon Hill (1980).


  • see what u did!

    the link will show u the (2) 2xls, u inspired me to buy on ebay, they are exactly how i remember them, VERY cool…

    now all i need is a power cord…

    i also now have something to look for at yard sales… old 8 tracks of Beatles, Elvis, Boston…

  • why would you do that to yourself, you look like a nub

  • I still have a TRS-80 Model 100 around here that still works. Also have an old Dell Inspiron 4100 that I use for card encoding.

    • I love old computers.  They are so much fun to play with.

  • David

    So, what do the old computers do that the new computers cannot do?

    • I like the low res nature of their screens, especially as my eyesight is getting worse.

  • On a slightly different note, I love the shirt. 😀

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