I Figured Out The Strategy Behind Google Pack

Actually, I didn’t (although I have some ideas, but I’m going to keep them secret for now, just like Google has.)  But I did find some fun videos on Google Video this morning.

  • Banned Visa Priceless Video: I saw this one a year ago and it holds up well. It’s racy, so don’t watch it if you are prude or against pre-pornography on the Internet (but, but, but – it’s on Google.)
  • Funny Cats: I had a cat once (ok – twice).  I remember the water in the bathtub thing.
  • Terry Tate the Office Linebacker: Terry – can you give Jason a call on Monday?  We’re hiring (in the California, not the Colorado, office.)

Time for a run.

  • LOL @ “Actually I didn’t”! I don’t know what your secret thoughts are; but, I’m not convinced there’s all that much smart strategy behind it. Looks to me simply like the same story as was the case with the recent deal with Sun.

    In other words – my take (for what it’s worth)is that this is all about trying to persuade more people to install and use the Google Toolbar (more @ http://www.psynixis.com/blog/?p=85 ).

  • That’s not fair, Brad. I totally fell for the headline on your post, which I read in my feed reader. I was hoping you could fill me in on the strategy, which I must admit totally escapes me 🙂

  • The “priceless” commercials are for Mastercard, not Visa. I always thought they were good, but if you can’t identify them with their product, I guess they aren’t. At least they’re entertaining 🙂

    I think Google Video is an excellent business opportunity, they’ll become an eBay for content, and make a very high margin as a broker, just like eBay. No deep strategy, just solid execution on a good business opportunity. And they have the infrastructure to do it, anyone else would have to use P2P or something to be able to afford the bandwidth.

  • Anonymous

    If you liked the priceless video, you’ll probably get a kick out of this one too, I know I laughted pretty hard:


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