FeedFlare on Your Blog

The guys at FeedBurner have had a busy week.  Earlier this week – they announced that their FeedFlare service – which they announced in December – could now be incorporated directly into a blog with one line of javascript.

As an example, let’s look how FeedFlare impacts the post “The Coming Irrelevance of My.Yahoo For Me.” If you get my feed, you’ve noticed the following in the footer:


Now, you’ll notice the following on my blog:


The first line of my blog footer is my standard (and historical) footer.  The second line is the FeedFlare.  Today there are a relatively limited number of Flare’s available, including “Email This”, “Email The Author”, “Technorati Links”, “Add to Del.icio.us”, and “Subscribe To This Feed” (only on the blog, not in the feed, since you are already subscribed to the feed!) 


However, there are a lot more FeedFlare’s coming.  In addition, the FeedFlare API is coming, so anyone can create a FeedFlare that automatically plugs in.  If you’ve got suggestions for FeedFlare’s that you’d like to see, comment away.

  • This might be the one functionality that gets me to move from Plus to Pro. I hope that Dick will get something from Barak to make the Pro account worth it :-). Great stuff.

  • If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it one hundred times — those folks over at FeedBurner are kicking some serious a$$. Like Visa, they’re everywhere you want to be.

    – Scott “Footer Envy” Moody

  • Why limit bookmarking to del.icio.us? Support for Simpy would be welcome!

  • Hopefully there will soon be a flare to ‘Subscribe to this post’. This would generate an email to the reader when comments to a specific post they are interested in following are posted.

  • Otis – lots of Flare are coming, including bookmarking to plenty of different services. There will also be an open API so Simpy (or anyone that knows Simpy’s service) could create their own API.

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