Do You Publish Lots of Feeds?

Today, FeedBurner announced that USA Today is now using FeedBurner for managing over 100 feeds. I sure do love clicking on that orange XML button and seeing “syndicate content powered by FeedBurner.”

At the same time, FeedBurner announced its new FeedFoundry product for publishers with multiple feeds.  FeedFoundry lets you use all the FeedBurner features that you have come to know and love, including FeedFlare, while enabling you to use an new interface that understands the concept of “multiple feeds for a publisher.”  If you are a multi-feed publisher, you can get more information (and sign up for a test drive) here.

  • Oooh, finally! We’d been holding off, primarily as we now run nearly 500 feeds. I think now is the time to give FeedBurner a serious look. Thanks Brad!

  • The Web: Working hard or hardly working?
    CHICAGO, Jan. 25 (UPI) — Are you wasting time when online? Or working? A new study released this week showed that about 20 percent of government staff, while on the job, in one Malaysian state utilized the Internet for purely personal activities — like downloading porn, games and music. This was one of the main causes of poor work performance in the Johor state, Bernama, the state news agency there said, quoting a top government official, Norsiah Harun.

    Experts tell United Press International’s The Web that the Internet productivity problem is global, and that cultural changes are needed to ensure that people are hard at work, rather than hardly working, as our parents’ generation used to say. By Gene Koprowski

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